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The Purpose of a Funeral

A funeral service fills several important needs for us and our communities. First, it provides for the respectful care of the deceased, by providing a special tribute to their unique life. Equally important, the funeral service helps survivors face the reality of death -- the first step in overcoming grief. A funeral brings together family and friends who can lend support and comfort when needed most. A funeral also gives friends and relatives the opportunity to express the love and respect they feel for someone who was very important to them. Just seeing how much others cared can be a tremendous help to a family adjusting to their loss. Most of us plan for the possible misfortunes of life, yet few of us prepare for the inevitable.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

With Frenette Funeral Centre, many individuals and families are making the decision to prearrange and pre-fund their funerals before the need arises.

Why? Because the advantages of funeral planning speak for themselves.

  • Planning Your Funeral:
  • Provides a peace of mind
  • Relieves your loved ones of unnecessary concern
  • Assures that your wishes are known
  • Eases the financial burden on your family

Providing for the Funeral

Traditionally, there are three ways a family can provide for a funeral:

1. Life Insurance

Although life insurance is a good investment, depending on it to pay for the funeral costs can be problematic. Usually, the proceeds that come with life insurance can take weeks and even months before the beneficiaries can receive them. In addition, with inflation, proceeds may erode over time and this may involve disputes over contested claims.

2. Savings

Saving your pennies to pay for your funeral service can also have risks. The sad reality is that these pennies are usually all spent on costs relating to illness before death. Additionally, these funds may be reduced by taxes and early withdrawal penalties. That is taking into consideration that the funds are even available. There is always the possibility that these savings are hardly accessible at the time of death, blocked for bureaucratic reasons. Or, they can even be tied up in probate.

3. Friends and Relatives

We like to think that we can always depend on our friends and family. This is generally true, but funeral costs can be an unexpected burden on the people we love the most. It can cause them financial stress, can cause disputes, and can even lead to embarrassing and uncomfortable situations.

Funeral Planning at Work

A funeral insurance plan eliminates your concerns by allowing you to plan and fund your funeral before the need arises.

Once you have made your choices, your funeral director will help you put your plans in writing, so that there will be no doubt about your wishes. Family and friends will never have to carry the burden of wondering if they have made the right decision, if your wishes were truly realized or even if they have not forgotten anything.

It is All Taken Care Of

With our funeral insurance plan, when death occurs, one call to the funeral home is all that is needed to begin the funeral process. Your funeral director will carry out all the arrangements per your wishes. Monies set aside for your funeral plan will be paid directly to our funeral centre.

Choosing the Payment Method for You

There are several ways to make your payment for your funeral insurance. You can pay it in full in a single premium, or you can pay it monthly in three, five, or even ten years. Please contact us for additional information.

Paying for Your Funeral in Advance

As with everything, with time, prices rise. Fortunately, with your Funeral Insurance, you and your family are protected from future price increases. In other words, the costs of the future funeral service will be immobilized at the rate at the time of the final transaction. In fact, you might be surprised of the actual costs of a funeral service, they might be lower than some people would think.

The conditions of the funeral insurance are the following:

Anyone can qualify for this insurance without a medical examination

As a final statement, death can be a scary part of our lives. It is easier not to think about it. However, each and everyone of us will eventually need to face it. Why not facilitate the process by preparing your last wishes with us so that your family doesn't have to, so that on the day of your funeral, your family will be thinking of you and only you. Please contact one of our funeral directors at one of our Frenette funeral centres for more information.

Areas of Special Concern

No matter what funeral plans you make, it is important to keep good records and to be sure that loved ones know where records are kept.

Drawing Up A Will Is Important

Every adult should have a will, regardless of age or financial situation. A will is a legal document that can prevent many serious problems for those you leave behind.

If you do not already have a will you should have one drawn up as soon as possible. It is in your own and your family's best interests.

"Make your funeral arrangements before the need arises....
It's the best gift that you can make for those you love."