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What about Cremation?

Even though a cremation service might be an alternative to traditional earth burial, that may be the only difference in the funeral service that you will see, whatever the choice may be. If cremation is chosen, the funeral service can still have a traditional touch. With the traditional option comes the possibility of having a public or private visitation with the casket present and having the cremation afterwards. Alternatively, it is possible to proceed with the cremation process then have the commemorative service afterwards with the urn present.

Once the funeral service is completed, the cremated remains can be buried in a cemetery lot, dispersed in an appropriate fashion, kept in order to be eventually joined with the ashes of their spouses, or even placed in one of our indoor columbarium niches. Whatever the choice may be, we offer a wide variety of beautiful urns to suit your needs.

If the deceased or their family chooses the option of cremation instead of an earth burial, our knowledge and experience in this field makes us an ideal choice for a quality and respectful service.